Yay!! Tay is Potty Trained! And she Caught Her First Fish!!

I changed day cares over  a week ago. The lady was not helping with potty training. It was a home day care. She is now going to a day care with
lots of kids and they had her potty trained in a few days. She is doing really good at home too. I am so proud of her! She claps every time she pottys. lol She empties it out herself. Yes!!!
This week she caught her first fish too and she was pretty excited about that!!
Tay has been well too thank goodness. I am getting over my third sinus infection in two months. It has been a rough year so far. I get no help and day
care is expensive. I just try to work harder to make more money. That is about all I can do.
I heard thru the grapevine and a reliable source too so I know it is true. Amie is in jail for parole violation with no bond. Probably going back to prison. So no help there but that wasnt happening anyway.
I never knew when I took this baby it would turn out to be forever. I would do it all over again but I have to admit it has been rough. Especially this year. No relief in sight either. I do know that Tay has a good home and is happy . I guess that is all that matters.
Tonight she is in bed. Safe and sound. Not long before I will be in my bed also. We will see what tomorrow brings….

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