Yay! Tay is Eating Again After Two Days of Therapy…

      I never dreamed the therapist could help Tay this much after two hours of therapy.  When i first went I was doubtful anyone could help her. She refused to eat anything but ice cream . I knew she had to be starving but she said she wasn’t hungry. After the first visit I could tell the
difference but we were not there yet. When we went the second time the therapist had her a few things to eat like toddlers eat. Yogurts that are snacks for toddlers that melt in your mouth. She ate quite a few of them. It made tears in my eyes to know that is what she could eat when she is four years old. But it was an improvement from what she was eating.
      She talked to her telling her she would not choke and it was all going down in her belly. She let her play a Go Fishing game every time she took a few bites. She loved that game so i got her one today. She thinks and I do too it was the coin being stuck in her throat for hours that caused all this fear. Jana invited us over that night to eat dinner with them. She had spaghetti and garlic bread which is Tay’s favorite food. Tay ate some of the garlic bread and ate spaghetti. Then later on popcorn.
      The next day she wanted pancakes. I made her one and she ate a little of it. Then for dinner pizza last night. At first she was saying she would choke on it. I reassured her she wouldn’t  She ate one bite. Later came back to the table and ate two pieces. Today she had a corndog and french fries. I am so very relieved. I was so stressed you wouldn’t believe how much.
      Every morning I woke up sad. It was the first thing I thought of and the last thing before I went to sleep at night. Some people thought she was just doing that to get what she wanted. I knew better. I seen the terror in her eyes to think about putting food in her mouth. She would hold it in her mouth then spit it out. So today I am a happy person. She ask me earlier, “Are you happier now?”
      Tay is fixing to be tucked in her princess bed. All happy with the world. And I am most certainly happy tonight. I hope y’all are happy too!

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