Work, work is all I do…..

I have been so busy lately working I haven’t even written a blog lately. I have no time for nothing! Things have got to change. I cant keep this up. It is so hot out now too. I am much too old for all of this that I am doing. They say if your not happy with your life change it. I have to do some major changes I think. Five years ago I would have never guessed what I would be doing today.
I really want to go back to my small town and  relax more. Of course it is kind of hard to do when you have a little one to take too. If it was just me I would already be gone. I left a few times before but it has been awhile. I think now I am more than ready to go . One reason I don’t see my kids here very often. No reason to be staying in a big city when your alone all the time. And like I told my son Allen no sense in being in a big city
when you have no money to shop or eat at fancy restaurants.
I had a friend I was going to the movies with and out to lunch but not doing that now. That was nice to get away from the boredom and enjoy a movie. It seems like the friends I get here are male more than female. In Sweetwater it was mostly female. It also seems like the friends
you get here are not friends that you will always have. I have had friends in Sweetwater I have known forever.
I want to  figure out what I can do. I feel like it will be better for Tay and I to leave here. Small towns are so much more friendly and that is what we need right now. More healthier too. Tay has health problems and I think without all the pollution and trees galore she will do better too.
Tonight Tay is in bed. I am fixing to be too. We will see what tomorrow will bring….

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