Will It Never End???

      Tay and I are still home. I look every day to see how the states are doing. Right now California is ahead in viruses and Texas is next. I think yesterday was the  highest day for Texas. That is probably because of Memorial Day and now it will be because of the riots. Most people I have seen pictures of the riots were not wearing masks.
      It looks like Tay and I will be home for awhile. I will not take her to daycare until numbers go way down. It is not too much fun staying home with her either but we
are both safe so cant complain too much. She is hyper to start with and without all the kids to play with I know she is really bored. We did get to go to Aunt Jana’s
one day and get in her big pool. Tay loves water.
      Lately she has been real interested in make up. She says she wants me to buy her some. I went in my bathroom the other day and the faucet was running, water
all over the rug, lipstick all over the sink. I thought she was using the bathroom. She was to an extent just not like I thought.
      Most days are routine though. After the nap we go get some sunshine outside and run some of that energy off. After dinner it is not long till bedtime for her and
relaxation for me. Then and naptime I get to relax except she keeps hollering for me. She needs to go to the bathroom, she needs a drink of water. read me a book.
It never ends.. Oh, well the joys of motherhood.
      Today her Da Da will call her . She looks forward to those days. She has a good life and I do too. Much better than she one she would have had if I wasn’t here for her. We are grateful for all we have and for each other.


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