What A Trip!!!

      We took a trip on Friday to Sweetwater. My son had to go get some stuff and wanted to go see his grandma who hasn’t been in good health. I made reservations to stay at Mulberry Manor again. John and Tay would stay at his Dad’s. On Friday I took them out to his Dad’s. Tay had such fun in his sand pile and on his tractor. I think she could be  a country girl.
      I went and checked in to the Bed & Breakfast . Then I went and picked up my daughter at work. We went by the Sonic and grabbed a burger before i took her home, The guy that was our carhop was not wearing a mask working around food/? I am used to everyone in Fort Worth wearing a mask. I did not feel comfortable. My daughter says, “A mask is not required under 20 active cases. ” But at that time for the last week it had been 23. For some reason people in small towns think it is ok to go without one.
      The next day I picked up John and Tay and we went to Big Springs to see his Grandma and Aunt. They are two of my favorite people even though they are exes. they seem like family. June and I went to Donald’s as Tay calls it and got her a Happy meal for lunch and us Big Mac’s. After lunch June wanted us to go see Ronnie’s old car at the car show in Big Springs. When we got there lots of people and no one had on masks. I felt uncomfortable again but we didn’t stay long. We took June back and little later went back to Sweetwater.
       I dropped them off at John”s Dad’s and went to the B&B where I was staying. I text Melanie and ask her if she wanted me to pick her up at work. She said Jennie her room mate was getting her but she brought her by and dropped her off. We were going to write out some of my Mom’s recipe cards for Melanie. I had been writing them for her birthday present. I found a tin box like the original I had bought Mom when I was a kid on Ebay. Melanie and I went and picked up Chicken at Gill’s and took out to Johnny’s(my ex) where they could eat with us. Again the girl at Gill’s was not wearing a mask. I thought to myself if i make it home without getting COVID I will be lucky and I am not leaving home for a long time.
      We left there and went back to my room and finished the cards. Then I took Melanie home. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing.The ladies son at the B&B was staying the night there and I guess he got hot. To me 73 is very cold. When Melanie and I had came back to my room a whole crowd of people were on the porch.
      The next morning I got up I didn’t wait for breakfast. It was cold. I went to a bakery and  got donuts to take to Johnny’s and shared with them before our trip home. I had told Judy (my friend, the writer and great cook) I would bring her some potato salad form Mrs. Allen’s that I love so much. I ran by there and got her a pint and me a quart. Then we set off back to Fort Worth.
      On the way Melanie text me and said, “I don’t know how to tell you this but Jennie (her room mate) thinks she has COVID. ” Oh no! I was around Melanie a little those two days but Jennie just got it on Saturday night and I didn’t see Melanie after that. I was worried about Melanie though and the other 6 people that live there. Jennie’s Mom sleeps with her. I told Melanie they need to move her but they didn’t. So then it was the waiting game. Monday was a holiday so they had to wait to get tested on Tuesday.
      Got the news this morning. Melanie tested negative. I was overjoyed for her and for me too cause there was a slim chance. Melanie has to have gall bladder surgery and  it  had to be postponed till they tested. . Jennie was positive. It was truly a miracle no one else had it but I did a lot of praying.( And Judy I washed off your carton and made sure it was ok and put in the baggie. )
      That was a trip to remember and I wont be going back anytime soon. I was thinking about moving there but now not sure. I am thinking about Weatherford now.I just want to get out of the traffic and Weatherford is really nice and still close if I want to shop. Maybe God was showing me Sweetwater is not the place for me and Tay….

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