We Will Be Home a Little Longer Until Things Are Safe……

      This week the governor said some things could open on Friday. Most places do not think it has been long enough yet and I am inclined to agree. I check every day to see how many new cases we have and they have not went down lately. Maybe one day down and the next day back up. They have to go down 14 days in a row for it to be going down. So far that has not happened. I am glad the movies, museums and libraries have decided not to open yet. Some people are not that smart to realize what they need.
      I do not want to put anything in the way of Tay’s or my health. This virus is much too scary. I certainly don’t want us to have to go to the hospital and be all alone. Tay would be so scared . She probably wants 10 hugs a day now for reassurance everything is okay. I am sure she knows life is not like it was. We stay home. We don’t go anywhere.
      Tay loves her play dough. She ask me yesterday if she could go with me and buy some play dough. I don’t let her go in any store. I go alone when I have to go. It is more safe for her that way. Usually I order my groceries online and let her go with me to pick them up. When we get home we wash everything off. One cannot be too safe.
      I will be so glad when this pandemic is over. It has ruined my plans completely. I was in the process of selling my house and moving us back to my hometown. Now I don’t want people here going thru my house so we have to wait until all this is over to sell. When I started selling the real estate had me take  a lot of stuff out of my house where no clutter is around. So I have no pictures on my walls or hardly anything . I cant find what I need.Oh, well. This will be something to remember. Life has to get better….It has been a long time since I have seen any of my grandkids or kids for that matter.
      Tonight anyway we are safe at home. We don’t have any sickness I don’t think. I just want to keep it that way. Tay is safe in her bed. I am fixing to be…

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