We Went To Aunt Darla’s Saturday…….Today I Got A Princesss Bed!

     Saturday morning we started off to Aunt Darla’s . Jana and Kaylee went with us. I had gotten an old tin like I had gave my Mom many years ago. For two weeks I had written some of my Mom’s recipes for Darla. Darla had just mentioned she wished she still had the brownie recipe she used to make as a teenager. I was telling my friend and she came up with it. I had wrote it for her long ago. Darla was going to be so excited about that!
     We were going to meet them in Belton and have lunch at the place called” The Gin”. It was supposed to be  a great place. I think it was just the atmosphere. It was not as good as some places I have been here in Fort Worth but the company was
great. A little stream of water was close by and the kids loved it.
     After the lunch we went on to Darla’s and stayed awhile and visited. It was nice to get away from the big city. They live in a small place. Plus the girls loved playing with Brooks.
     Today we put together a Princess bed for my princess. It was supposed to snow today so no daycare. All it did was rain. It was so very cold out too. I was trying to find some princess sheets for the bed and some pretty glass knobs for my bedroom
furniture. Ended up finding some of it online after I got home.
     Tonight Tay wanted to go to bed early. She is so proud of her big girl bed. She said, “Grandma thank you for my bed.” How manythree year old’s does that? She is in her bed. I am in mine. So thankful we are nice and warm and safe….

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