We Met Tay’s Teacher Tonight

     Tonight was meet the teacher night  Tay had been looking forward to going. But when the time came she started crying saying she was scared. After we got there with her Aunt Jana she calmed down. Her teacher at least was wearing a mask. Some of the people that worked at the school was not. Totaly not cool. COVID is getting bad again. Do people not see that?
     I will be so worried until the vaccines are good for 5 years old. Tay will be first in line I assure you. Vaccines do certainly help. My daughter found that out when some in her family got it. I hate for Tay to wear a mask all day when she has asthma but no way around that.  She does have  a good teacher that will help keep her safe.
     I have a friend in Iowa whose family all got COVID and her uncle died. So very sad. She was against the vaccine until that happened but now she wants to get it. Her Mom is in the hospital with it too.  People don’t realize the dangers of it until something bad happens. It is heartbreaking.
     I am kind of glad for Tay to go to school. It has been a hard year and a half staying home with her.  We both got bored a lot. Now I will have some free time. I will just worry  a lot about her though. I know it don’t do any good to worry but I still do.
     Tonight we are safe in our beds. Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

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