We Had Burger King First Time In 5 months …

      Sunday I decided we have to do something today. Sundays seem the longest days for some reason. I guess if we went to church it wouldn’t be as long but I don’t feel comfortable taking Tay to church here in the big city. So I ordered my groceries online. We went and picked them up. We had a showing of the house cause we are trying to sell it. Then we went to Burger King and got us a burger after 5 months of not eating out at all.
      After we got home I put it all in the microwave cause I have heard heat kills the germs of COVID. I am very careful for Tay and I. It was very good and well worth the wait. I am not going out every day and getting fast food. It probably will be awhile before we go again. At least we got to go once but I am not taking very many chances.
      I bought Tay a book about COVID. She loves it! She wants me to read it every night. She wants to wash her hands after she reads it. She says COVID is mean. The lady that wrote it is from Fort Worth. She was missing not seeing her grandkids so she wrote this book.
      I am currently starting on a book from all of this blog about Tay and my journey. It might be  a long journey. It has already been four years but it might be forever. I heard from a good source Amie (Tay’s Mom) left Sweetwater. Her last child she had has been adopted out. I think it is time I adopted Tay. That lady had 3 kids. She has none of them.
      Tonight Tay is in bed. She is not asleep yet but I am hoping it is soon. I get so tired by bedtime since she is not in daycare. She has so much energy . All 3 year old’s do I guess. All I know is I am a better person than I used to be. Everything we do is a learning time. Nothing goes unheeded. Now off to bed I go….


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