We Had A Good Valentines….What is Next?

Well Valentines has come and went. Tay is still eating candy cause I just let her have a few every night. She got candy at day care, from me and her Aunt Jana. I got a card in the mail actually I wasn’t expecting. Jana always gets me something. I got flowers and candy. So nice Valentine’s. Now they have already started on Easter.
I am so thankful Tay has not been sick very much this winter. And no one has had the flu around me. I was out working in the cold last week and last few days I have been coughing. Hopefully she don’t get that. That meds she inhales twice a day has been great! No wheezing and she don’t get sick much.
I will be so glad when Spring gets here. Winter time just makes people sick. Especially when you have little ones around going to day care or school. Next year Tay will start pre K. I wont have to pay! Yay I wont know how to act.
We are going to be pretty busy soon. Fixing to sell my house then we will find a rental in Sweetwater and eventually buy a house . My son wants me to be sure that is where I want to be. I cant blame him. In the past I moved and didn’t stay. Now that I have delivered stuff in all this bad traffic and had two accidents in December I think I am ready to move. A small town will be so relaxing and better for Tay I think.
Today is my day of rest. I always go to lunch and a movie with a friend. I will miss that when I move plus I will miss my family that is here but they will just have to come visit. It’s just a three hour drive. I am looking forward to it!

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