We Are Still Playing It Safe…..

      Tay and I are still home. Lots of people think just because things are opening up its ok to go out and  do things. I am not taking a chance on either of our lives. We only have one and I want it to be the best it can be. I know people want to get together on Memorial Day but we are still  not doing it. One of my sons has a house at the lake and he and his family and one of my daughters went with her family. That makes for more than ten people. I don’t think it is safe but nothing I can do about it. He has a business in Dallas and lots of cases there. So far he has been okay but one never knows. I don’t personally know anyone that has gotten it but three of his employees did.
      I may be being overly cautious but if everyone just goes out in big crowds it could multiply and we would have to be on lockdown again. I would rather be cautious and go slowly instead of rush into anything. I went to Target Friday and I did feel safer there than some places, Most of the people had on masks.
      Tay and I have been getting pretty bored at home but at least we are safe. I don’t think it is like being a prisoner like some people say. I can leave the house anytime. I just don’t choose too. I do get more done than I used too. I do cook more than I used too. It has been a learning experience.
      Daycare opened but she is not going yet. Cases have to go way down before I would take her there. I may just wait until school starts whenever that might be. I hope it is in September but I don’t know yet. We are taking it one day at a time and we will make it I think. Things have to get better eventually. At least she does not get sick. She is healthy and her asthma is doing good. She has a splash pad she loves. She don’t know how bad this world is right now. She wants a Happy Meal and don’t understand why she cant have one. When I quit my job March 18 and took her out of daycare we have not ate out since.
      Tonight Tay is in bed happy and healthy. She misses her Da Da. She has never known her Mama. So its just me. But I got this….

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