We Are Back!!!!!!!

I know it has been  a long while since I wrote a blog but I do have a good reason.. One reason is I am not good at figuring out how to do things on this website. A lady was doing it for me but she got busy and so tonight she is giving me instructions on how to do it and I will try my best!! We will see if I can do it.

Tay is doing good. Growing like a weed. She is getting taller and stronger every day. She is getting to be such a beautiful little girl too. She is also a full time job. I never once thought in my wildest imagination I would be taking care of a child and working at  a full time job. But I am ! Most young people have a hard time being single and taking care of a child but for me it is doubly harder.

I went the other day and got a mani and  a pedi and the lady doing my nails said most people when they found out the child was not your blood child they would have gave her to a foster home. She said I was a very good person to do what I am doing. I just knew by the time I found out my family is the only family she has known and no way would I break that little girls heart and give her to someone. She would be devastated!!!

I have learned how to control her allergies some, where she don’t have the breathing problems anymore. When I see she has a runny nose then it develops into a cough I start breathing treatments and nosedrops and in a few days she is over it. She has had no breathing difficulties. Thank goodness.

Tonight Tay is in her bed fast asleep. I will be in my bed real soon!!

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