Tuesdays Are My Fun Days….

Tuesdays and Saturdays are my days not to work. Tuesdays is my fun day, Saturdays I spend with Tay. The rest of the time it is work your tail off Elaine. Today anyway I went shopping at my favorite store Target. My daughter , Melanie had gave me  a $25 gift card for my birthday. I bought a Mary Higgins
Clark new book. I do love mysteries. After that I met my friend Nora at Rosas. and had lunch. After that we went to see the Nancy Drew movie.
I went home and had a short nap before I had to go get Tay. It was a nice day. Tomorrow it is back to work. Makes work not seem so bad when you can have a nice relaxing day too though. Tomorrow I will be ready to work.
I was supposed to go to therapy today but canceled. I am going on Thursday but I cant afford two times a week. It will have to be only once a week. My wrist is getting better very slowly. I can hold small things but the more I do the more swollen it gets.
My son John is still trying to worm his way back in to Tay’s life and I am not going to let that happen. He is not a good influence on her. He done everything wrong with her and thinks he done everything right. He has threatened and then he tries being nice. None of it is working for me. I am going to raise this baby girl the best I can. That is all I can do.
Tonight Tay is asleep. Comfortable in her bed not knowing what is going on in her world. I know she wonders why she cant  see her Da Da anymore. She dont understand and when she gets old enough I will explain it to her. Right now it is very puzzling to her. On that point I am off to bed too….

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