Tuesdays Are My Day Of Fun….

I have designated Tuesdays as my day to relax or have fun or what ever. Usually my friend Nora and I go out for lunch and then to a movie. It is nice
after a hectic week of work and handling a two year old. Neither one of those are easy chores. Tuesdays are my day- Saturdays are Tay’s day. We spend it together and try to have fun.
Today Nora and I went to see “Gloria Bell.” That wasnt the best movie I have ever seen but it was okay. Julianne Moore was in it. Years ago she was in my soap “As The World Turns.” I loved that soap. I want to take Tay to see “Dumbo.”
am still having problems with my wrist. I cant afford the therapy. I think I get enough therapy between work and Tay. Those big pizzas are making my wrist swell. I have to work though. Right now even my fingers are puffy.
I also found out from someone who has top information that I dont have  a thing to worry about  Tay being taken away anytime soon. This source told me Amie hasnt even went to visit her baby since he was taken away in December. What kind of Mother does not even visit her baby? She is not cooperating with CPS. She is not trying to get him back. It makes me know I did the right thing when I got Tay. It wasnt what I expected but it was what was supposed to happen. They say everything happens for a reason. My baby girl is happy in her world. I feel so sorry for that little boy.
Tonight Tay is in bed playing on her phone and then she gives it up. She has learned to do that. She is safe and happy tonight. We both are….

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