Trip to Sweetwater

      Tay and I went on a trip to Sweetwater on Monday to pick up her Da Da , We got a room at Mulberry Manor . I have always wanted  to stay there. It was supposed to be for one night but ended up being for two. It is a bed and breakfast. Really, really nice. The man of the house fixes breakfast for us. Its been a mini vacation.
      Tay got to see her grandpa. He lives out in the country and she got to ride on his tractor. I think she got spoiled and then her Dad got out of jail after 6 months so she has a lot to be happy about right now. So for the first time since I got Tay at 2 days old and she is fixing to be 4 this is the first time I am alone and I am enjoying it in the mansion. lol
      We went to Mrs. Allen’s at lunch of course and got take out. Potato salad! Yum! I plan on running by there tomorrow on the way out of town and getting more. It is the best potato salad in the world. Tay loves the fried chicken.
      Here in Sweetwater they don’t worry about the virus like we do in Fort Worth. Some don’t wear masks. They had one new case today so maybe they need to wear them. I can tell you for sure they help. In Fort Worth cases had went up to 600 or 700. Now that everyone has to wear masks today it was 260 in Fort Worth and 237 in Dallas. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t work.
      Tonight my baby girl is not with me. But I will be picking her up tomorrow. I am relaxing and reading….

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