Trip To Sweetwater then a Cookout At Home …..

   I decided we would go on a mini vacation to Sweetwater . I haven’t been there since February. If you know me you know I want to go there periodically and get Mrs. Allen’s potato salad.  As well as drive around and think back in time since i have lived there off and on my whole life. So last Thursday I went planning on staying until Saturday. I paid for two nights even at a motel   I ended up coming back the next day. Because of an ex husband who thinks he can still tell me what to do. Not happening!  I wont go into detail but I came back the next day.
   I did get to meet  a friend i had made on facebook  and had never met. A very nice lady so it was worth my trip. She is supposed to go with me to Graceland in August. I hope she can go. If she can’t I have  a tour ticket I might not can use. I have been to Graceland just once back in 2005 and i can not wait to go back. That will be  a nice vacation. 
   After I got back my son Dustin came over and spent the weekend . We cooked out and that was very nice. Even ate outside and the flies nearly carried us away. Tay got in the pool and had a great time. We had hamburgers and hotdogs. She thought she wanted both and didn’t eat all of neither. Later Dustin  and my son John helped me hang pictures. I have been here in this house for two months and still haven’t got all the pictures hung. 
   Summer is going ok so far. I have almost got rid of my allergies. That took a long time. I need to get outside more. Get me a tan. I used to be so dark. Not anymore. I have a walking trail real close to my house. I need to use it. I want to enjoy my summer with Tay and then in September she will be off to school. Yay! After the year and three months we spent at home I cannot wait!
   One day at a time. Today is Monday morning and I hope it is a good week. I think on Wednesday we will go to the movies with Jana to see a kid movie. Other than that I have not a clue what we might do.

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