Took A Trip To Cooks ER …..

      All of a sudden on Sunday Tay starts pointing to her mouth. Said her throat was sore. Said she choked on a chip. Who knows what really happened. She wouldn’t eat lunch and I felt her forehead she was really hot.. I took her temp and it showed 98 but I knew that could not be right.
      I called her doctor at Cooks. She said to get her to ER at Cooks. I did not want to go there but I had to. I had never been there  before. I parked in the parking garage and walked across the street. There wasn’t but one person in there. I think people was not going there unless the doctor specified it.
      We got right in a room. Took her temp and it was 101. He heart was going fast too. Then they had us go to a different room. They done  a strep test. It took two nurses to get that done. One was not wearing  a mask. They didn’t act worried about her having a sore throat and fever.  They gave her Motrin. Meanwhile while we were waiting she was crawling on the floor and doing everything. Her fever still didn’t go down so they gave her Tylenol too. Finally it went down and we could leave.
      At one in morning she was crying so I put her in bed with me. She did not sleep from 1 till 6. I gave her Tylenol and it still didn’t bring   down her fever. At 6 she went to sleep till 9. Woke up and no fever , no sore throat. Maybe it was allergies?
      So now we are playing the waiting game to make sure we didn’t catch anything at the hospital. Several were not wearing the masks. I was but Tay wouldn’t put hers on.
      We went outside this afternoon and got some vitamin d.  They say the virus does not like heat so hoping it goes away. It will be hot tomorrow too so we will be out again.
     At least tonight we are home and feel fine. I hope it stays that way. Tay is in bed and I soon will be.

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