Tonight We went To See Santa At The Mall…..

I didnt know how it would go tonight. I got Jana to go with us just in case Tay decided to rebell like she does sometimes. it went well though.
She liked Santa this year. Last year she didnt. She got right up in his lap. She didnt smile but oh, well she didnt cry. The guys taking the pictures kept saying how she could not be  still. She couldnt. She is very hyper.
After we seen Santa we stopped and rode the horsey. We were lucky she didnt throw a fit wanting to play where all the kids were right next to where Santa was. She really took it all real well. I am so glad that is done. I wanted pictures for my cards.
Tay has been doing so much better since we go to the licensed day care home. Melanie is a very nice lady. There are six kids total now. Lots of
fun they have. Tay gets out of bed of the morning with a smile and she laughs all the way to Melanie’s house. I have never seen her so happy.
So far no sickness either. She or I have not been sick this winter. We both had our flu shots. Last year she was sick all winter. I thought she had allergies. But not this year. I need to start using the humidifier just in case. I am just hoping none of those kids get sick. Melanie washes the handsa lot. I know that helps on the germs.
Tonight Tay is in bed. It wont be long until I will be in my bed. Tonight we are happy and healthy., What more could we ask for?

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