Today Was A Nasty To Work….

I started out working this morning after I took Kaylee(who had spent the night) and Tay over to Jana’s where I could go to work. Jana said it was supposed to be some bad storms around 11. She was right about that. A little before 11 I was doing a delivery and it started raining
so hard. I told myself if that keeps up I will go back home. No sense in putting myself in danger by flooding or by a accident. Drivers around her dont know to slow down.
After I done two I logged out and thought I would go home for a bit. Made a detour on the way home to Dollar Tree. Got a few more Halloween things. On the way on freeway it was raining so very hard. No one was going over 40. I didnt know these drivers could slow down that much.
After I got home the rain stopped. Wouldn’t you know it? I decided to go ahead and eat lunch. Then I went thru Tay’s closet and took out all
summer clothes. Fall has now arrived I believe. I am washing all her winter clothes getting ready to hang them up now that we have room. I thought I would lie down and next thing I knew I had slept for hour and a half. I guess I was tired!! I dont know why. lol
Went back to work and worked till 7. At least it didnt rain anymore. I am hoping it dont rain tomorrow where I can get a good day in. We still have
bills to pay and diapers to buy.
I did hear some news this week that might help my case. A person that knows told me Amie has a case with CPS because of a drug charge prior
before her last baby was born. I dont think she was supposed to tell me but glad she did. She said it was meth and marijuana use. Why did she think after that charge she could come down here and get this baby? I am just waiting to hear if I get this lawyer . I need one before we go back
to court in November.
Meantime we are living our life like we should. I am working and Tay is being Tay….

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