To The Therapist We Go…

      Yesterday I thought I was going to have to wait for awhile to see the therapist for Tay but I called her doctor and told her something had to be done. She gave me a number to call and they got us right in today thank goodness. We were going to have to wait until November 4th. No way. Anyway we got in today at 1 pm. I was so very relived because I have been stressing so bad over all of this. We will be seeing an ENT also at a later date.
      We got there a little before 1 and had to wait a little while. I hate that because Tay does not want to be still. Even though she hasn’t eaten she still has lots of energy. She never runs out of energy. She was dancing around all over the place. Thankfully it didn’t take long to get in. We went into a room with two ladies. They had us bring some food Tay might would eat. That is a laugh. They opened up a graham cracker and told her to hold it. To make it round. Bite off the corners. Put some peanut butter on it. None of that was working so they had her put peanut butter on a spoon. Put her drink up where she couldn’t get it. Told her every time she took a bite she could draw a happy face and at the end of eating it all she had a sticker to put in  a square they drew. She did it! Each one they high fived her
      Then they told her to take a bite of cracker and she could spit it out just to get the feel of it in her mouth I guess. So she did. I think we made a little headway. They told her she was safe and nothing could hurt her there. Usually they say there is a change to make kids do this but I know of no change in our life. I think in time she will get better. They said its a psychological thing probably. She has a big fear of eating and choking. But when they seen her eating what little she did, her swallowing muscles were fine.
      We have an appointment next Thursday. Hopefully it will get better. I will try this week to get her to eat something too. If not we will drink and eat ice cream. She is not losing any weight. She loves her Carnation Instant Breakfast. i mean her chocolate milk . Ha.
      Tonight I am thinking positive. Hoping we wake tomorrow and everything is back to normal. This has been such a nightmare….Meanwhile Tay is in bed and I will soon follow. Tomorrow is a new day!

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