The first of The Year Is Progressing…..

 This is already January 9th. Time is moving on. I hope this is a better year for Tay and I. Two wrecks in one month is too many. I am almost afraid to drive.I look behind me a lot. So far so good. I went years without an accident but one just never knows. Especially in a big city. I think when one gets older it might be time for a  small town. With todays technology you can live anywhere and still do what you want to do. Right?
   I think Tay would be better off in a small town. Some people tell me there is nothing to do in a small town but what do we do here? Not much. I am pretty much of a home body. I do like to go to a movie or out to eat but that can be arranged even in a small town. I can shop online. You can talk online. Thank goodness it is not like it used to be with just a home phone. Now hardly anyone has one.
   I want to try and find a different line of work besides delivering. That is too hard when your almost 75. I want to find work for an at home job.. Maybe brush up on my
English skills and try to write articles for newspapers or magazines. Something I could do at home would be fantastic.
   Today I am going to the doctor. I have had a foot problem for awhile. Maybe it is the shoes I wear. My foot hurts very badly when I walk. Hoping the doctor can fix me up. It is hard to chase after a 3 year old with a hurting foot.
Tay is in daycare this morning. We have a problem every morning going. Once I leave she is fine though. It is just for my benefit she throws a fit. Next year she will be in  Pre K. Can you believe that? My baby is not a baby anymore……

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