Thanksgiving is over

Thanksgiving was very nice. We had dinner at Jana’s. I made stuff and took over there. She made stuff. She makes really good rolls and dressing. I have to say she is a better cook than I am. I can make some pies and cakes though.

We are very thankful that Tay has been well ever since she started taking the asthma meds with inhaler. It has steroids in it so she gets a little aggressive at day care they tell me. I cant tell it at home so much.
This morning when Tay went back after being out for four days she didn’ t want to go.She has a day care lady though that is tough as she is.She said a lot of the kids didn’t want to come back after out for 4 days.
Kids test you every day at that age.You just have to show them who is boss.i am still in charge but it is a battle with Tay all the time. She is headstrong.
Tonight Tay is in bed. It is cold!! I am headed to bed also!!!

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