Tay’s First Movie…..And We Didn’t Get Kicked Out

There was a dog movie on and I thought maybe Tay would like that. It was supposed to be funny. I was going to take Kaylee too but she had to
go to a pool party of her half sisters. My friend Nora and I took Tay. We got her some M&M’s. Maybe those would keep her busy for a little bit. They say not to give popcorn to a two year old. Nora had some and I let Tay have a few pieces,
I think Tay was amazed at the big TV. She would sit there and laugh. Real loud. I ask her, ” Do you like this big TV?” She replied, “Yes”. So serious. Jana says the first movie Kaylee went to they got kicked out so I guess we done good. It was a new experience for Tay. Next is the Zoo.
Today she stayed with her Dad while I worked. I am sure she enjoyed that. I had to shop at Central Market. I hate going there. It is hard to find anything. A quart of Belgium chocolate milk for $8.99. Central Market’s orange juice was that price too. When I saw the house they lived in I could understand how they could pay that much. It took almost two hours to get her purchases.
Tomorrow it is back to day care. I think Tay had a nice weekend though. We are making memories. She doesn’t cry any more when she goes to day care.
I am so glad of that. It just takes time to get used to things. Trying to be on a schedule. Toddlers need stability and structure and that is what we are doing. I made  a lot of mistakes with my kids but trying to do it right this time. I am glad I have a chance to do better.
Tay is off to dreamland. Next Saturday she will be the big 2. Of course we are having a party for her. Anyone is invited. Now it is my time after a hard day at
work. So fixing to read on that book. Nite all…..

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