Tay’s First Day Of Kindergarten

      Yesterday was Tay’s first day of kindergarten. We were both looking forward to it plus kind of dreading it. She got new clothes to wear and new shoes. New school supplies. She was all ready. I let her out at school with tears in my eyes. It was just as heart wrenching as it was with my first born when he went on the first day and was crying when I left. Tay didn’t cry. I worried though because hardly anyone was wearing masks. Covid is so bad now and teachers or students were not wearing masks. What is up with that? These kids are too young to get vaccines. Cook’s children Hospital is full right now with sick kids.
      I picked Tay up and ask her how it went. She said ok. This morning when she started getting ready she started crying. She didn’t want to go. She says her teacher is mean. She thinks I am mean too if she don’t get her way so I am sure her teacher is ok. At least she wears the mask. More than I can say for some   If covid gets bad I will take her out. Kindergarten is optional they say. I can teach her some at home. At least she will be safe. We will see how it plays out.
      It is very nice to have a little freedom but I will pass up that freedom if i have to for her to be safe. Last year schools were a lot safer than this year. What does it take for  that to happen? A lot of kids to get sick and in the hospital or even to die? I have worn my mask from the start and I never quit even after the vaccine. Tay has always worn hers too. She done really well at wearing it at school too. I taught her well. 
       I just don’t understand people that don’t want the world to get back to normal and don’t practice safe measures to get it there. If the masks are not mandated people will not wear them. Even the governor has covid right now because he won’t listen. I want kids to be able to go to school without wearing masks or worrying about dying. That is not the way it should be . 
      Today I am home and trying to get some stuff done while Tay is in school. Praying Tay is safe and having a good day. Of course she don’t like not being able to be on her phone all day or watching TV but like all of us we have rules we have to go by.  She needs to learn and she needs to be around kids.

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