Tay’s Birthday is Today

      Today was Tay’s 4th birthday. Like my daughter Jana said on facebook, “It seems like only yesterday we went to Galveston to get her.” Seems a little longer than that for me cause I was the one taking care of her 24/7. But it has went fast. She is going to be a tall beautiful girl. I hope i get to to see her when she gets older.
      Sunday we had her party for her birthday. With COVID we cant have many people coming so there was only Jana and family and her mother in law and her daughter, Kim. We all know we have been staying home unless we just have to go somewhere and then it is social distancing and masks.
      Her party was real nice. Lots of presents. Her Da Da got her a bicycle with helmet. I had gotten her a Malibu Barbie doll house and a birthday Barbie. Lots of other stuff too. She got a little money and her Aunt Jana got her lots of stuff.
      Today which was her real birthday we had to do something of course . I went to a BBQ place and bought BBO and potato salad and BBQ beans. Cupcakes for dessert. This is only the second time we got food from a place instead of fixing it at home. I took it to Jana’s and we shared lunch with them.
      Her Da Da came home with us when we went to Sweetwater and having a few problems with him on washing his hands enough and social distancing. I have been very careful for the last 5 months and I am not letting him mess that up. He really doesn’t understand we can’t go around people. I told him even bigger kids can’t go around people. And little ones sure don’t need too.
      For tonight we are home and I am very tired after doing for Tay all day. Tay is in bed. I will soon be following her.  That is how our life seems to go during this pandemic . What else can we do?

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