Tay Meets Santa….Likes Him This Time

The other night we went to see Santa. Tay just goes right up to him and starts talking to him. Some years she has liked him and some she hasn’t so one never knows.
Santa told me to come sit in his lap too for a picture so I did. One never gets too old to sit in Santa’s lap.
I had some cards made with our pictures to send to friends and family so some will be getting one. I have them ready I just have to get them mailed. I never have time for anything.
I have been working for over a week with a swollen foot. It hurts every time I take a step. It hasn’t stopped me from working. I am unstoppable. I have to be. Christmas is coming up
and Tay will be getting much as anybody else. My ex sent us $75 between us yesterday. I spent it all on Tay though. Isn’t that what usually happens when you have little ones>
This weekend we had a small party for John’s birthday. His birthday is way too close to Christmas. He has always said he never gets  a party like everyone else so I had to prove him
wrong. I worked all day yesterday. We had the party last night. At my lunch hour I went and  got his cake and some things I needed for the dinner. I got off at 6, party was at 6:30. I ran
home and got the stuff out we were going to eat. Just sandwiches and chips and dip. I made tea and kool aid. It all worked.
Tonight after a full day of working I am fixing to rest with my good book by Mary Higgins Clark. I have to hurry and get thru where I can start on my Christmas books. Tay is in bed and
she will soon be going to sleep. Rest at last…..

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