Tay Is Two Now…

I thought when I got Tay at 2 days old I would just have her for a short time. Was I wrong!!! Yesterday was her second birthday and we had a party!!
My daughter Jana helped me do a lot of decorations and my babysitter Jessica made cupcakes and jello cups. She also made the prettiest thing ever. I dont really know what it is called but it is on poster board and it just tells about Tay. I have a lot of support. I guess a friend of mine from Sweetwater  said it best. She said, ” That is 1 lucky child.” I guess considering where she might have been that is true.
Then a friend of mine whom I have known since I was 26 said on facebook, , “You and Jana make each child feel soooo special on their birthday and
everybody has a fun time. ” Then she added,” Should have mentioned the adults birthdays also. Lots of gifts and decorations. (NICE)”  That is true. I dont even know when we started doing all of that. We didnt always although on Jana’s birthday I always had her a party. But now she always has me one. It’s not all the kids that come. Just the ones that live close.
Tay did not even hear from her Mom. I dont understand that woman at all. I hear she has a new baby and she does take care of it I suppose. I hope so any way. And that is okay. Cause Tay has her own family here with us . And I would not want to change a thing. We would all miss her so much if she wasnt here.
I honestly think it has helped me to have more energy and to have  a busy life by having Tay. Sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to be able to do any
thing i want without having to think about Tay  but that is only a passing thought. Sure one day I would like to retire. Maybe Tay will take care of me. ha
Anyway on that thought it is time for bed. Relax a little and read a good book. Tay is finally asleep. So it’s me time now….

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