Tay Is Out Of Daycare For Awhile….I Am Out Of Work

          Things just keep getting worse and worse with this virus. I decided yesterday I couldn’t put Tay and I in danger anymore. Today was her last day at daycare and my last day at work for awhile. Daycares get a lot of sickness so she don’t need to be there right now. Neither one of us would probably survive it. With her asthma it would be bad. It would scare me to just know I had it.
          It has taken me a month to get over this cough I had. It is the sickest I have ever been. Still coughing a little. Tay was coughing last week but after a few breathing treatments she is lots better. Come on spring and some warm weather. It been such a bad year so far.
          Tomorrow Tay has to go see the allergist. I am hoping I get good news . After that we are not leaving home for a few weeks. Not taking any chances. We have enough food for awhile. Just stay home and relax and hope all of this passes.
          It is so scary right now. I never thought anything like this could happen. I pray every day its going to get better real soon. I know it cant last forever. It may seem like it though.
          Tonight Tay is in bed . I will be in bed shortly too. Hoping we hear good news tomorrow…We need some good news.

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