Tay Is Getting Ready For School…..

     I am trying to get Tay ready for school. I have heard they test them for kindergarten. Since she didn’t get to
go to PreK she doesn’t know a lot. She was learning at daycare too but after we had to quit at daycare and it is
just she and I at home most of the time I guess I have been lazy and haven’t taught her much. I have tried some but Tay is so energetic she can not sit still for very long. I don’t have  a lot of patience either. 
     I found a teacher that I thought could help her. The first time we met her for an hour at the library she done pretty good sitting at a table. The teacher said Tay was pretty smart. She done a lot more for her than she does for me. 
     The next time the lady brought her 3 year old son. He was about as hyper as Tay  He wasn’t quiet at the library. He was getting adult books and throwing them around. She decided we better leave. We went to Central Park and just let them play. Tay was happy about that but she didn’t learn anything and I had to still pay. So I figure I will just try to teach her. 
     Next Monday I have an eye appointment I am not going to like. They will dilate my eyes and check them out for cataracts, I know I have them as everything is blurry but I sure dread it. I don’t want surgery on my eyes, It’s either that or not being able to see, read or drive. 
     Tonight I am home alone. Tay is visiting her Dad, Getting rest tonight. I better enjoy it…

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