Tay is Five Now…It Doesn’t Seem Possible

     Tay was five last Wednesday. We had her birthday party on Saturday. I cannot believe she is this old. Where did that little girl go?
     She was so cute in her younger years and she still is but still. I went through so much with her in her first years too because of the asthma we didn’t know she had . So many trips to the ER and to doctors. My kids were hardly sick when they were babies so I was not used to all of this. But ever since we started using the inhaler for her asthma, we’ve had no problems. And I never miss a night. 
     Back to her birthday she had a lot of fun. Two of her girl cousins were here and a few boy cousins. We had a Pinata and they had lots of fun hitting that. It was a Barbie party. Most of her presents were Barbie’s so that was good. She also got Lego’s and Polly Pockets. Everything
has such tiny stuff she will lose but guess that is the fun of it.
     Tay is liking kindergarten now. At first she was scared she said. I am sure it is scary going to a big school when you have stayed home for the last year and a half. It’s scary to wear  a mask all day when you have asthma. Then some kids won’t wear them no matter what. I have heard High School has already had 20 cases with Covid.  They seem to get more than any other schools. If they would have had the vaccine that wouldn’t have happened maybe? 
     So far no elementary schools have had it I don’t guess. None around here anyway, I hope it stays that way. I am  a worrier so worrying about this plenty. I am very happy I have talked three of my sons into getting the vaccine. I know I can’t save the world but I am trying. 
     Tonight Tay is fast asleep. We are safe for the moment. I am fixing to be in my bed because 6:30 comes early.

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