Tay Has Allergies.

     Yesterday we had to go to a new allergist doctor. Even after the torture they put Tay through she said she wanted to go back because they gave her a ball? Tay’s old allergist had retired .We needed to get refills for her inhaler plus one to take to school. The doctor had the allergy test done. They stuck tiny needles all in her back.  It looked horrible. Her back had big red welts on it. She is allergic to cats and dogs, ragweed, mountain cedar and mold. Great!
     Tay has had to go to doctors so much that she is real cooperative. And I have taught her to wear the mask. When the doctor had her pull it down to look in her mouth she asked if she could put it back on. He said she was very responsible. They brought a needle looking thing with meds in it and she holds up her arm for a shot. No questions asked. It was meds for the mouth after putting allergies in her body I guess.
     The doctor gave prescriptions for five meds. She really hasn’t had allergies to speak of since wearing the mask. She wasn’t sick all last year because of the mask and staying home.
     It makes me dread the school year because when we went to the school Tay will go to the other day not one person had a mask on. Not even the school nurse. I hope they do when it starts. Several of my family got COVID last week. Some had it bad and some barely had it so one ever knows how it will treat you. It only takes one unvaccinated person to make lots of people sick too. The ones that had the vaccine didn’t get it either in the same household so that shows me vaccines do work! Come on people get your vaccines! Think of other people who you might give it to if not yourself. Tay and I were lucky and didn’t get it.
     Today Tay and I went to the doughnut shop and got doughnuts to start the day. Now she is watching Netflix. We try to stay home most of the time. I think I am going to start a rule where if no vaccine you can’t enter my house. It’s the only way to be safe.

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