Tay and I are watching football

This is a lazy Sunday and Tay and I are watching football. She is probably wondering why these grown men are running like crazy with the ball. (Right now she is sleeping but when she wakes up I know she will wonder about that. )
Tay is now six weeks old. Wow! She is getting bigger fast. She is noticing so many things now as she can see things more clearly. She smiled at me for the  first time this morning. I tried to get a picture of that but it was so fleeting I didn’t get it. One day soon though I know I will.
Some days Tay is great even with the colic but it seems like every other day she has a screaming fit for a few hours. I think the  gas drops help a lot. I remember Darla screaming a lot more than that. We will get through this. The older she gets she will improve. When they can tell you what they want or need it is a lot better. These first weeks are rough when they cant tell you anything. It seems like if she is not sleeping, drinking a bottle or got the paci in her mouth she is screaming.
The other day I was at Albertsons. Jana was watching Tay because that was the day I was working. I heard a baby screaming. It sounded like Tay if I didn’t know better. I got up to the check out and I seen the baby. The Mother had her face covered with a blanket. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. The Mom paid no attention.
I don’t try to take Tay out much. I only go when someone is here to watch her for me or I don’t have to get out. It is just too hard to carry that carrier and it is only going to get harder and heavier. A lot of sacrifices I have made for her. I hope she realizes that when she gets older. I hope the good start I have provided for her will help her in life. That is all I ask for.

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