Sweetwater Trip Was Good…..

      Thursday we left to go to Sweetwater. I needed to look around and see if any houses were available to rent. They don’t have a lot to rent  right now. i have a group on facebook for sale or rent there so I know people are grabbing up houses as fast as they come out. A lot of people have moved there from here lately too. Maybe they wont out of the big city because of COVID or maybe work there. They have the windfarms and in 2022 they will have a new Gypsum plant right on the edge of town. That will give lots more people jobs. It cost $285 million. Sweetwater may be small but it has some things in the town that is unique. Such as Rattlesnake Roundup. Mrs. Allen’s fried chicken. People come form all over to eat there. Granted not too many shopping places but I do a lot of mine online anyway or could run to Abilene 30 minutes away.
      I stayed at the very beautiful Mulberry Manor Bed and Breakfast. These people are so very nice that run it. Tay and her Da Da stayed out at her Grandpas and she loves it. She didn’t want to go home. He and I went to Wal Mart the first day and bought some stuff for him to cook for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Mind you this is my ex husband but he was being very nice to me. He has mellowed in his old age like we all have.
      I drove around a lot hunting a house and at last found one. Yay! It is in a nice area of town. Not as nice as the house I now have but I can handle living in it until I can buy one. It is about the same size as this house but just has one bathroom. The kitchen cabinets are red but that will go with my cherry and coca cola stuff. The living room I love. It has rafters in in the ceiling and high ceiling. It is about twice as big as mine . We still have to close so hoping she saves it for me.
      Tay didn’t want to come home but we have to get ready for closing and start packing. I dread the moving part. On the way home before we got to Eastland everyone had to get off of 20. There was a bad wreck by Ranger Hill they said. We had to go a long ways around until we could get on 20 again past Ranger Hill. That was about and hour and a half extra but we finally made it home.
      I know I will miss my house. All the memories of birthdays and holidays. I went thru two men here also. ha 17 years of living here. Like my daughter Darla tells me. You can make new memories and find new friends. I also have a few old friends too I have known for a long time. People are just more friendly in small towns. I have been in Fort Worth for 30 years and just a few friends I could count on one hand. I don’t get out a lot for one thing. My work is kind of solo. I am looking forward to a new beginning and starting fresh. I will miss my family here but they will just have to come visit plus we can text and facetime. All kinds of ways to do things in this day.
      Tonight Tay and I are tired. She is in bed and I am fixing to be in bed. No place like home….

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