Snow Again?

      I can’t believe it snowed again. Twice in one year? That is unbelievable. Most of the time in Fort Worth it never snows and I hear today it was melting fast as it hit the ground. I heard it was 8 1/2 inches here. I was afraid to get out there with Tay to make  a snowman but tomorrow her Grandpa will. I don’t want to risk falling down.  It does look so pretty outside with everything white. I wouldn’t want to see this all the time but every now and then is fine. Twice in little more than a week though.
      Tay absolutely loves it when it snows. She drives you crazy until you agree to take her outside. I am very careful with her cause we don’t want to get sick this winter. So far neither of us have even had a cold. I guess these masks and sanitizing helps. I might just do it every winter. Her asthma has done well too. Her allergist doctor had said we might have to go back to twice  a day in the winter  for the inhaler but so far we haven’t . We used to have so many problems with her asthma so I am so glad it has settled down.
      I have been off of work almost a year. It has been nice in a way. Other ways not so nice. I don’t drive my car for days sometimes. I don’t go anywhere unless I have too. And I am not living in fear. I am just being safe for Tay and I. I know several people that got COVID and who would want to get that if you can prevent it? I don’t enjoy getting sick. i hate it when people act like we are in fear of it. It really is something to be fearful of. I am not going to go out and go inside restaurants but we do get fast food some. I go where I need to go.
      I do go to my daughter Jana’s because they are careful like I am. That is the only place I go to visit. Her kids do go to school now but so far they are good. I just hope it stays that way because I will be going there next week. I have  some things I need to do.
      Tonight Tay is safe in bed. I know she is thinking about Grandpa coming tomorrow and she gets to play out in the snow. And I get  a much needed break while she plays with Grandpa. So now I am fixing to lie down and watch a mystery movie and read some of my mystery by Mary Higgins Clark. Her last book. It said on the cover she wrote on it up until the day she died. Way to go Mary!!! I loved your books. I got every one of them.

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