Sinus Infection??? I hope ….

      I never thought I would want a sinus infection but I had rather it be that than COVID . Good thing I have a doctor from Fort Worth that will call me meds in even down here. I just told her it started about two days ago. Headache , drainage and stuffy nose. I really think that is what it is. If it is not better soon I will go get tested but not here. They are not putting that swab in my nose to my throat. I found a place in Snyder that you do it yourself with a swab. So if I am not better tomorrow I may go.
      My son in law had two co workers that got it this week and they both thought they had sinus problems. I have heard that is how it starts sometimes. But I have sinus problems a lot so it could be that. This cold house don’t help matters . It seems to always be cold here I can’t wait to move from this house.
      Yes I am going to move again. Maybe to Weatherford. It seems like a nice little town. I just don’t want to live in big city anymore. But I need a town a little bigger than this one. I need more than just a WalMart. I am used to lots more. Plus the people I used to know here are either dead or moved.
Some are still here but really not seeing anyone because of the virus. It makes for boring days for Tay and I . Plus I like mine and Tay’s doctors and don’t want to change.
      I am glad I got to be here at Christmas and put flowers on my daughter Julies grave. I went out the other day and took the Christmas stuff off and put new flowers. Soon I will put valentine stuff out there. So this wasn’t a complete waste of our time. We accomplished some things. I rode around to
places I used to live and places my sister had lived. Most are gone but a few are still there. I told myself all this is in the past now. It’s over. We need a new life. And that is what we are going to try and have.
      Tonight we ordered pizza from Domino’s. Tay loves pizza. I will pray tomorrow I am lots better. But for tonight we will just watch TV and try to live our life.

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