Shopping For The Grandkids….

      Today Jana and I went shopping to get the kids some school clothes. They deserve some even though for now school is at home . I had told her last week I wanted to get an outfit for each one along with socks and underwear. Maybe they would feel much better about doing school at home. We went to Burlington and Target. Kaylee is a dress girl so she got a dress and we found a jacket for her and Tay, It is orange and so fluffy. I also found a fluffy throw for Halloween. I got me one and Kaylee wanted one too so she got it. Jana found the boys some clothes except for the pickyone so she has to order Connor’s online.
      I ended up finding Tay four outfits for winter . Winter will be here before we know it. I have to find her winter clothes I had put up. It’s always nice
to have a few new things anyway. I told Jana some of my clothes i have had forever. I think I will give them away and just start over. A few things
I don’t want to part with but most are okay to do away with. I have several Elvis shirts I could never part with. The shirt I bought in Galveston when
we picked up Tay I want to keep. The rest I think I can do without.
      I dread when it does get cold. I think Tay has more problems in the winter with her asthma or allergies than she does in the summer. This summer she has done great. No asthma problems whatsoever. I feel of her head when she goes to bed to make sure no fever. Today she said, “Do I have a fever? Let me see if you do. ” She is a smart girl  Maybe there wont be any sickness since we don’t get out much and we are being safe.
      She has drove me pretty much crazy this summer. No day care and she was used to going. Pretty boring life just going to the grocery store to pick up food at the curb. Not doing much most of the time. I was used to working and having her in daycare . Can we get back to normal now? Will we ever be able too? I feel sad for the kids not getting to do anything in the summer and now not being able to go to school. Some kids will go but I don’t think Jana’s will. And Tay is not doing Pre K this year. I hope next year she is able to go.
      Tonight Tay is in bed after John read her a story. I am trying to work on the book I am writing. I had an editor to edit what I wrote but she didn’t work out too well. I have had three different ones trying to help. It’s just not working! I can’t work on it much until after Tay goes to bed. She is a wild child! She is in bed but that don’t mean she is going to sleep. This is my “me ” time so best time of the day….

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