I can take your ideas and make them into a great story. I can rewrite what you have written or rewrite the whole thing based on your notes and what you want to include. It can be a book which I usually charge by the word or other projects we will figure out a reasonable price.


Whether you need a proofreader for your newly written book , blog, essay or article …..I can do the job! I can tell at a glance if something doesn’t sound right. When I read a book I usually find something someone missed. You can be assured I can find it.




Article Writer

Article writing is a creative job which requires perfect knowledge of the subject, good writing skills and perfect
structure. Every article consists of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Sentences should be short and catchy. I will write the article you want and put the most interesting and controversial idea to find the best style for your writing. Rates for article writing whether for a web site or brochure or whatever you need starts at $0.5 a word.


What ever type of paper you need written or how fast you need it while following the highest standards of quality I guarantee it will be done on time long as I have 24 hours to do it.
Quotes are based on how soon you need it and how long it has to be.


Blogs can be written daily , weekly or monthly and about any subject you want. Blogging is not for everyone. That is where I come in. If you want one time or several times a week I can do it. I can give you a monthly price if it is regular weekly.
Blogging in a business is a non-formal way of interacting with your customers. You can tell about your product or service. Personal ones can tell about what you want known.
Most quotes for one time blog start at $0.50 a word.


There are all kinds of letter’s to be wrote. Samples include business letters, thank you letters, personal letters, job acceptance and rejection letters. Or email.