Seen an Ophthalmologist…Lots of torture

     My cataracts had been bothering me for awhile. I can’t see too well  especially when the sun is shining bright on me to drive. I thought surely I needed surgery. He said I can wait a year or two. He gave me  a new prescription for glasses so we will see how that works. If it don’t help a whole lot I will have the surgery. He also said I have the beginning of Fucha Dystrophy which affects the cornea. If that gets real bad surgery for that but right now mild. I also had mild Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration. He said everything has just started so nothing to worry about right now.
     They numbed my eyes twice and done things to them. They dilated them with two different drops. Then I drove home? They said it was okay to drive. Not!!! I could not
see hardly anything. It was so blurry  I even managed to stop and get doughnuts for the princess. My son John was home with her because he had worked all night. I figured he was real sleepy. My next option was Jana and I figured she couldn’t get out of the house by 8 am. Anyway I made it .I am glad that ordeal is over.
     I made an appointment with an allergist for Tay before school starts. Her last doctor for her asthma retired. So I am sure they are gonna put her thru a lot also. Doctors
are known for that. She has had no problem since she got the inhaler. Actually decreased it from two times  a day to one. Before that she had so many problems . She had to take breathing treatments every time she got a sniffle. If you have read my blog when she was younger I am sure you remember that. 
     Tay will be going to kindergarten starting in September. I can’t wait and I know she will enjoy being around kids. Kind of dread it because of COVID coming back full  force. Why can’t people just wear the masks and get vaccinated where this will all go away?  I do both and Tay wears her masks. If she could get vaccinated she would. Some people are so stubborn. I was very nervous when I got mine not knowing what side effects I would have but I had very few. You have to take a chance to help yourself 
and others around you. Like my son Allen told me. It’s your duty to do that.
     Today has just started. We will see what happens during the day.  I am working on my book and one day it will be ready to buy. We will see how many chapters I get done today with a four year old underfoot. I usually wait till she goes to bed.

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