Running For Favor…..And Then A movie With A Friend

I did my job this morning running deliveries. I really hate going to the schools. I guess soon I wont have to for awhile. You have to walk a ways to the front of the building and find the office.
Then the people working there seem puzzled.

I had went to Target to try and find a better charger for my car. I did and when I got out I sat in parking lot to wait for work. So I ended up getting two deliveries close to Lake Worth. Both to
schools that were not too far apart but the places i had to go to get the food was different places. I really like this job but it is a lot of driving. A lot of texting the customer too and sometimes the
runner support. It is kind of addicting working anytime you want too.

Several people are saying I am working too much. I have too…No one is helping me with Tay now and I have babysitting fees as well as clothes and diapers and food. It is never ending plus
bills . It is work, work for me.

Last Friday and Saturday Jana and I had this big house a real estate wanted to get ready to sell. Those are hard. We had about 25 windows to clean inside and out with a blade. Clean tracts.
Then of course lights and oven and wash all baseboards. A few years back I would not have been able to handle it but I wont say I wasnt tired but not near as tired as I thought I would be. My legs
ached for days. Getting on the floor and back up is the hardest part for me.

Today I was supposed to meet a friend at the movies to see “The Book Club” with Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda in it. Diane is my favorite actress. A lot of people dont like Jane but I have to say
she is looking good for 80. I am not going to let anyone keep me from watching a Diane Keaton movie. I dont care what she did. Anyway my last delivery was at 1. Movie was starting at 1:30. I was
about 25 miles form Ridgmar where we were going. I had to speed a little but got there right at 1:30. Lots of previews so I made it in time. It was worth it!!!

Tonight I am relaxing casue tomorrow is paper day. Tay is fast asleep. She dont see me as much as she used too but she likes her babysitter. I take Mondays off and stay home with her. Tomororw is
paper day. We will make it ….

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