Raining Again……Working In The Rain

Every Wednesday at least it has to rain. Somebody up there is trying to make it difficult for me. That is the day I do papers and leaving the window down all day
is not fun in 55 degree weather. I have to get out  a lot at schools and take papers up to the door. Lots of steps so I get my exercise. I dont know how I do what I do,
I passed by a creek on west part of White Settlement and the water was too the top of the bridge. Anymore rain and that creek will be flooding. There is one not far from where I live too that is getting up pretty high. Enough rain already!!!
I hope it is not raining on Halloween. My baby girl will be Boo and her Aunt Jana will be taking her to Trick or Treat. She didnt get to go last year so this year will
be amazing for her. Surely she will wonder what the kids are doing all dressed up. Plus she gets to eat candy!
The attorney General’s office called me today. Come November 7th we will be going to a hearing about child support and custody. Since Roland was not the daddy they are naming my son since she dont know who is I guess. Tay has his last name. I dont think he is cause she looks half Spanish.  I doubt I get any help from either one of them. I think I will probably get custody because Amie has a case with CPS and it is a drug charge. I would appreciate all the prayers I can get on that.
Meanwhile it is cozy tonight in the house out of the rain. Tay is in her room all covered with her blankies. I am fixing to be in my comfy bed with my good book Judy Alter wrote. If you have never read any of her books please do. You wont regret it!!!…..

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Elaine. You should begin your blog with the happy note of the cozy evening–not the downer about rain. Look on the bright side. Hope Tay enjoys trick-or-treating, though I’m afraid it will be pretty wet.

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