One Step Forward, Two Steps Back ……

      I feel like it is a losing battle but we have made a little progress today. Just like when COVID came to town and I was happy to find paper towels or sanitizing wipes Now when Tay eats a bite it makes me so much happier. It is usually only a couple of bites too. Last night she ate a few goldfish crackers and then a popsicle before bed. She drank two glasses of Carnation Instant Breakfast also. Today at lunch she ate a couple of pizza rolls and then a small cookie . That is more than she has been eating. It’s like we have to learn all over how to eat. I think we are making a little progress.
      Just one time of therapy and I feel like it did help. I wondered at the time how they could possibly help her. She wouldn’t even look at food. She would just say she wasn’t hungry and I knew she had to be hungry at some point. They do have ways. Now she will talk about food and try a little bit of it. I weighed her last night and she had gained almost 2 lbs. I guess its the Carnation Instant Breakfast. I was not going to let my baby girl get skinny.
      On Thursday she has an appointment with therapy again and that is Speech Therapy. Her speech is fine. In the afternoon she has an appointment with a Nutritionist and  then on the 16th of November she sees a Occupational Therapist. Hopefully all these people can help. I am counting on it.
      Never during all this time of not eating did Tay ever lose her energy. She is a bundle of energy. People ask me how she goes without eating. My daughter Melanie had gallbladder surgery and she said she had a liquid diet and she couldn’t handle that.. Tay has been on a liquid diet for the last two weeks. Believe me I have tried everything I can think of to get her to eat. it wasn’t like a few people thought it was just she wanted sweets and trying to get her way. I seen the terror in her eyes and she said her food wouldn’t go to her tummy or she would choke. Now she isn’t saying that. I let her have anything she would eat just so she could see it would go down and she wasn’t going to choke on it.
      Tonight Tay is in bed and I know she is safe and she has a little in her tummy. That makes me happy. Soon I will be in bed reading my next mystery. Life is good right now and we have lots to be grateful for. I am sure you do too.

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