OMG…..What can happen next??

I thought this year would be better but so far it has been so much worse. It started with breaking my wrist. I have fell twice since then….no broken bones thank goodness. The other day I was trying to move a heavy trash can outside and it fell and some of the stuff hit the top of my hand and peeled my skin back. On both hands. My skin is so  thin. I had been sick twice in a month with a sinus infection. Hopefully that is over!
Now for Tay’s problems. She has allergies and doctor think she might have asthma. Twice lately she has been to the emergency room. Same symptoms. Problems breathing, low grade fever, coughing, pulse really high. Her pulse went up to 187. The nurse said it was thru the roof. Poor baby. They gave her steroid meds and breathing treatment and instantly she was some better. I am giving her treatments at home. It makes the coughing go away.
I think I might take her to a specialist and try to find out what is causing this. It is so scary for a toddler to not be able to breathe.
Last night she didnt want to go to bed and she points to her mouth and says, ” My mouth hurts. I need to go to the doctor.” I dont think anything was wrong now. You would think she wouldn’t want to go see those doctors. She did not like wearing that mask. There has not been very much coughing today so I think she is getting over it. Pollen is high now. I will be so glad when summer gets here.
Tonight Tay is fast asleep. I am fixing to be too. Lots of rain today while I was driving so I am just glad to be out of it and know my baby girl is safe….

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