Nice Memorial Day…..

I think Tay and I had a nice Memorial Day yesterday, I got a day off from work and enjoyed the time with Tay. Although I am usually more
tired than if I had worked. I cleaned the house some, we had naps. Then decided to cook for some of the family. Not all mind you. Some
never show up!! Charles is a no show always. He works a lot  so I will forgive him.
Jana and family came and John. I kind of enjoyed cooking. I made hot dogs, potato salad, red beans and devilled eggs. For dessert I made rice krispie treats and bought a Boston crème pie.. Jana brought snickerdoodle cookies. I was so full when it was all over!!! Tay she loves
sausage. She can eat a lot for a two year old.
She is home most of this week except for some time Jana can watch her and I can work. I am changing day cares. That lady changed her
her mind form week to week on prices and taking her personal days I had to still pay for. This week I am looking for a new one.
She and I have both have  been well so far. I hope it stays that way . Summer is almost here; allergy season should go away. I hope it never comes back. I want us to have fun this summer and get lots of sun and be happy. I hope that is not too much to ask for.
Anyway for tonight we are well . Tay is in her bed and I am fixing to be in mine. Tomorrow is a new day and one never knows what it might bring…..

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