New Glasses and New Ears For Me……Tay Has A Eating Problem

      Well I got new glasses and I am so relieved I can see very well with these progressive lenses. I didn’t know because the optometrist had said I was getting cataracts and I didn’t know if anything could improve my eye sight. It did improve a lot. So I am good to go now for awhile longer. I dread the thought of having surgery on my eyes even if it is laser surgery. Long as I can delay it I will.
      My ears was another problem. About once a year I have to go to a ENT doctor to get my ears cleaned out. They tried suction, that didn’t work. then she used her instruments. Mind you, this was having me so far back I felt like I was standing on my head. In the middle of it she says she will be back. I waited about 30 minutes. Finally I tried climbing out of that chair which I did. I wasn’t going to lie there all day. Finally she comes back and said she got busy with another patient. My daughter said that was unacceptable. My blood pressure was 134/85 which was high for me when they started. I am sure by then it was through the roof. Oh, well I can hear.
      I am having problems with Tay not eating well. I know kids go thru eating problems when they are small a lot. She says she is choking or can’t swallow her food. She runs to the bathroom all during the meal. Very stressful for me. Candy or ice cream she has no problem eating. Only when she sits down for a meal. I hope this changes soon.
      I called the doctor about it today. She thinks probably too much snacks or junk food. We are limiting all of that. Only water tonight and some crackers. She wouldn’t eat dinner. She has to be hungry at some point.
      Tonight she is in bed and all is well. I pray everything is better tomorrow. If you know me you know I am a worrier. Things have to be better tomorrow….Soon I will go to bed and start on Judy Alter’s new book. If you haven’t read her books you really should check them out on Amazon.

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