My Wrist is Never Going to Heal…..

It seems like this wrist will never heal. I have tried leaving the brace off thinking that might help. Nope. It swells more. It feels like needles going thru it.
I have an appointment for Monday to check on it but then they call me today. They need another referral from my doctor. You can only go 4 times on a referral. I call my doctor to get one. They say it might take two weeks to get. Life in the big city I guess.
Tay had just got over coughing and runny nose and today it is back. Will this cold weather ever go away? It turned cold this afternoon and on the weekend it is supposed to be really cold at night. I want spring to get here!! It has been a bad winter for me.
Yesterday my daughter, Darla came down to help me clean some. My house now looks so much better. I was trying to do laundry and stay busy too because I dont like to not do anything when someone is working at my house. I think I done too much. My hand is hurting lots worse than it was . Folding clothes is one of the worst things for a hand like this . It may not seem hard but everything is turned the wrong way and it kills my hand to turn it back. I can tie my shoes now and I can put the trash bag in the garbage can. You would be amazed at what is so hard to do.
Besides helping me clean Darla took Jana and I out to eat. So nice! I think Allen was right when he said, Darla is definitely the sweetest child you made. She is a sweetie. A lot of my kids are too. Dont get me wrong. I was blessed I think! They are all different but all of them are good for something. lol
Tay is in bed tonight. Hopefully asleep soon. And that is where I will be soon…..My high up bed with clean sheets. Sounds heavenly…..

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