My Baby Girl’s 37th Birthday ….

      Yesterday was Jana’s 37th  birthday. I wanted it to be something for her to remember. You never know when it will be your time and this is something she might remember birthdays later . She is the baby of the family. Maybe the others will forgive me if I don’t do that for them. I bought her 37 presents. Most were cheap things but things she could use.. She likes outdoor stuff so got her  a lot of that.  I got three things that were on her list too. I think it turned out good.
      Tay was very happy too to bring each one to Jana to open. She loves helping out. I didn’t wrap them. Just bags. My son said it looked like Christmas. The bags are reusable because I put no names on them so she has a lot of bags . I found cheap ones too but nice ones. So I done good.
      I think it brought a little something to the party more than we usually have. I am  a very generous person when I have money. I try to help whom I can. If I had a lot of money I would really help a lot of people. Plus I donated to her cause too of cancer. That is a great cause because my sister and Granny both had cancer and a couple of boyfriends died of it.  It is such a terrible disease to get.
      We have one more birthday this month and that is her son Connors. Then we get a break until August. Then its three grand daughters. We have to get ready for that. We have parties for all the kids around here  We have done it for years. Jana started that I believe. I can’t even remember when but it is a nice tradition.
      Tonight I am alone. Cleaning house a little and watching the Hallmark channel. Tay is still at he Da Da’s. It’s a break for me but I miss her too. We are going to Sweetwater this week to see her grandpa and see some friends. This is my mini vacation I guess then in August I get another mini one when I go to Grace land. I cannot wait!

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