Mothers Day Was Lonely…

      This year was the first year none of my kids came around on Mothers Day. . Usually Jana comes over and sometimes Dustin. Charles was already here but just Tay and I were here with him. I did get lovely flowers from my son Allen and family. Darla sent me lovely money. That is always nice. Jana brought me some stuff and left at the front door. She knows me well. Got me a flower in a bird. Socks with lemons on them. I love lemons. A package of York Mints. A few other things. Darla calledme form Snapchat. You can see the person. I didn’t know that!  Allen called me. The rest text.
      I went to the store that morning and it was so crowded. I bought a strawberry cake for dinner. I usually don’t get stuff premade from the bakery. I wasn’t thinking.
I am very careful during this time. One cant be too careful. I wash all my food I buy also.
      We were excited this morning to find sanitizing wipes at the Dollar Store, Who would have thought we would get excited about that? This year has been amazing.
It has been horrible this year so far but still we have learned from it. I have learned to be grateful for what I do have. A roof over my head, food., my health. Tay used to have problems with allergies during the spring. Not this year. She is doing just fine. No coughing, no runny nose.
      I think lots of people have learned ways to protect themselves from this virus. I wear my mask, I wash my hands a lot. So many people don’t wear masks not
thinking what it could do to others. Tay has not been in a store since all this has happened. It has been hard staying home with her and not hardly getting out.
People say they are getting tired of it. It is better than the alternative though. It wont always be like this. Surely….
       Tonight Tay is safe in her bed. She has no idea why she cant have happy meals anymore or cant go to day care. Someday I will explain it better, For now we are
safe at home…..

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