Long Weekend…..No Time Off For Me

Long weekend but I didnt get to enjoy it like most folks. I had rather be able to pay the bills I guess. I have to work. I really think if I didnt work I would
be bored. I dont know that for sure but that is my thoughts. I probably wont ever find out. Several people tell me I work all the time. I guess I do most of the time. I really dont mind. Just thankful that I am able too.
Tay’s Dad stays over here on the weekend and watches her for me. As he should. I have her in daycare but I may go back to home sitting. It is just easier on me and her. It is hard getting her ready and fed before 8 am. My work starts at 8. She is grumpy when she wakes up and doesnt like to eat right away. She dont get another chance to eat until lunch time . They really dont give her much to drink either except meal or snack. She was used to being home with plenty to eat and drink. My baby girl lost a little bit. It will just be more comfortable for her at home.
I guess I was being selfish. I come home during the day sometimes for an hour or so then go back. I like it when I come home and noone is here but me. I
dont get much solitude.But I will just have to deal with it. It wont kill me to have someone around. At least Tay will be happy and well hydrated.
On Sunday my job at Favor had a deal going if you got 10 delivery’s done they gurantee you to make $110. That is a little more than I would normally make. I did it!! In seven hours. I really like my job. Didnt like it so much tonight in the rain but I made it back home in one piece.
Now Tay is in bed and I am about to go to my room and read and relax. I love my life!!I couldnt ask for more….

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