Lockdown All Over Texas Tomorrow….

      We have been on lockdown for a week now. Actually we done it for a week before that too. We do not want to get it! I know it would be bad for either one of us. It took me six weeks to get over the cough I had. Usually I don’t get sick that much but Tay did before she started having the asthma treatments. Now that she is home she has not been sick.
      Every morning I take her and my temps. So far so good. I am trying to keep everything as  clean as I possibly can. With a 3 year old underfoot all day it is pretty hard to clean. We have a routine so the days go pretty good. I will be glad when it gets warmer . We can go outside and pass some time.


      I am really tired of seeing all the corona stuff. Half of it is not true. I read it and I can feel my heart pounding. You never know what is true and what is not. I really just need to look at Newsbreak every day about 4 and it has updated for the day and it tells you how many cases and how many deaths. Today in Fort Worth it was 15 new cases which is not bad for 2 million people. Yesterday it was 35. I am hoping the lockdown has helped already. I don’t like the idea of being 3 here in White Settlement. I would hate to live in New York where it is 7 or 8 thousand cases a day.

      I just hope it peaks soon. As I said before I quit my job and Tay is out of daycare. We don’t see any family. We just text them. I guess we cant even see anyone on Easter unless we could stay away from each other and be out in the back yard, 6 foot?
      Tonight Tay is in bed safe and I am fixing to be there also. Reading ” The Other Mrs..” Pretty good book. Tomorrow will tell a little more I guess. Either we will have more or less cases. Lets pray it is less….


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