It’s Got To Get Better…..For Tay and Me

I have been kind of depressed lately. I wonder why? Maybe cause my hand is still swollen and I try and try to do things and it hurts so bad. Then I try to work . Today I had to ride an escalator at Neiman Marcus to the café they have to do a delivery. It was ok going up but not so great going down carrying a bag and not being able to hold on very well. That was the second time this week I had to do that too. I try not to get too hard delivery’s but sometimes it dont work out.
Today I went to Attorney Generals to find out about DNA my son took. I knew the answer pretty much. There was 0% chance he was the dad, Amie does not want to say or dont know who the dad might be. I told the lady I talked too lets just close this case cause I dont want to keep on going to these hearings. No one is going to help. It’s okay. Tay is my baby .I will take care of her the best I can.
My hand is improving every day but it is still swollen. It hurts to use it but I try taking my brace off and use it some to get used to it. I put ice on
it when I can. I work a few hours a day. I did go after Tay today at daycare. She helped me buckle herself in. She knows my hand hurts. I know
Jana is getting tired of doing that so I am trying to lighten her load. I gave Tay her bath tonight too. Washed her hair but dont think I got all the
shampoo out. Oh well I tried.
Every day is an improvement. Two years old’s are something else sometimes. This morning Tay got up grumpy. Didnt want to drink or eat or get dressed. Before she left she was waving like nothing was wrong. One just never knows.
Tonight Tay is in bed. That dont mean she is asleep. But she is getting there . So am I . One day at a time….

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